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This LifeDesk serves as a repository for snake diversity.  Here, you can find a collection of species descriptions, geographic distributions, images, biological information, bibliographic references as well as type specimen information.  In additon to the taxon pages, we have a variety of other snake biology resources.  Check out our 'Tools' page for methods and guides on the identification of snakes.  For those of you who are interested in learning how to collect and properly preserves snakes for a museum collection, visit the 'Museum Techniques For Snakes' page.

If you need to cite information from this LifeDesk, visit the 'How to Cite' page for instructions.

We are expanding this LifeDesk and your contributions are welcome!  Please e-mail Shab at shab.mohammadi@gmail.com for access to this LifeDesk's contributor account.

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